Max. 4% fat, minimum sugar, at least 50% of protein
Gluten-free, no added glutamates, Dead Sea salt
Typical European salty meat flavour

Choose Jerky according to your own taste

Indiana Jerky dried meat

Drying is one of the oldest food processing methods for long-term storage. This method was used by the ancient Egyptians for storing meat, fruit and other foods. American Indians developed this method to absolute perfection.

Indiana beef Jerky is dried meat produced using old Indian recipes with state-of-the-art technology and modified to European tastes. Beef Jerky is sliced lean meat that is marinated, dried and smoked. It is light, low-fat food that is not greasy but is high in protein and is easy to store for a long time.

Simply open a bag of Indiana beef Jerky and start eating...

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