Business terms and conditions

Business terms and conditions

Basic Data

INDIANA s.r.o., Na Lysině 658/25, 147 00 Praha 4
IČ: 26721309
DIČ: CZ26721309
(Hereinafter "supplier")
Tel: +420 261 227 762-3 (common price according to your operator)

Order of Goods

List of goods is stated at web pages Supplier does not guarantee immediate availability of all kinds of goods. Availability of goods will be always confirmed by e-mail. To order goods, a customer will:

  • choose goods
  • fill in correctly order form
  • send the order
  • Sent order is a draft of contract of purchase. Booking of goods is made on the base of a sent order. Price of goods corresponds with prices of each kind of goods. If you choose a mail order sale, your goods will be transported FREE OF CHARGE (packaging also FREE OF CHARGE). Before the ordered goods are sent, you will receive an e-mail where will be stated the followings:
  • final price of ordered goods (including discounts)
  • information on delivery/possibilities to pick up the ordered goods
  • A customer will be invited to confirm.

Order cancellation

Customer and supplier may cancel an order without stating reasons before the order is confirmed by supplier. If an order is cancelled by supplier, reasons why the order cannot be confirmed are in principle stated. Goods cancellation after the contract of purchase has been confirmed is possible only when a previous agreement between customer and supplier had been agreed and under the agreed conditions.

Delivery/Picking Up Goods

In case of mail order sale the contract of purchase is valid after a binding confirmation of an order by supplier. Automatically generated electronic confirmation of the order acceptation into the system of supplier is not considered to be the binding confirmation. It is a confirmation by phone or sent by e-mail where supplier and customer will confirm especially:

  • kind of goods
  • number of pieces
  • price for goods
  • way and date of delivery/picking up
  • By the confirmation the contract of purchase is considered to be agreed.

Delivery date

Ordered goods will be delivered in accordance with availability and operating conditions of supplier as soon as possible. Usual delivery time is 5-10 working days after the binding confirmation of an order. Goods are considered to be delivered by delivering it at the stated address in an order by customer.

Way of goods delivery

In case of male order sale, delivery of goods at the stated address by customer is arranged by supplier all around Europe. Costs for transport are covered by supplier.

Delivery taking

It is recommended to check goods when being delivered. In case of mechanical damage of packaging, write down a note on this damage in presence of a carrier and have it confirmed by that person. Based on the confirmed note the customer will be offered a discount or will receive new goods. By signing the delivery note, the customer agrees to take the goods and confirms that the goods were not mechanically damaged. It is recommended to check the goods before signing.

Way of Payment for Goods

Price of goods can be covered by credit card.

Communication between customer and supplier

Unless stated otherwise, further communication between customer and supplier is realised by e-mail.

Conditions of guarantee and claim – application of right for liability for defects

All claims within 30 days from acceptance of goods are solved by exchange of goods. If the goods are not available at that moment, they will be ordered or you will be offered to choose other goods of the same price. In order to speed the claim procedure the goods must be returned complete and in original packaging. The conditions of guarantee are not applicable to any kind of mechanical damage.

Guarantee period starts:

on the day of delivery of goods
Expiration date is stated on the backside of each kind of goods packaging.


It is a customer's right to claim bought goods in case of finding out a defect on goods during the term of guarantee (until the expire date).This defect must not be caused by improper usage by a customer but it must be a defect of a product itself.

Claim procedure

The claim should be made in written and state the following:

  • kind of goods
  • expire date
  • number of invoice (tax document of sale)
  • description of defect
  • contact details of a customer (address, telephone number, name and surname)
  • The claim can be sent by e-mail to or by mail. Within 2 working days the customer will be contacted by supplier and informed about further steps. If the purpose of claim is not clear, supplier will send goods back to a customer.

The goods should be sent in original packaging. In case of unjustified claims neither customer nor supplier has right for covering their costs, unless the customer misuses the right for claim.

Settlement of a claim

Supplier will consider a claim and contact a customer by phone or e-mail and inform about the way of settlement the claim. The customer will be sent new goods or the amount of paid money. In accordance with Act no. 634/1992 Coll. there is a time limit 30 days.

Avoidance of contract

Customer's right for contract avoiding

A customer has the right for avoidance of contract in case that supplier does not satisfy contract conditions. Furthermore, the customer who does not buy goods in the framework of business activities has the right to avoid a contract according to the Civil Code § 53, paragraph 7 and § 54 within 14 days after taking delivery. INDIANA s.r.o. allows a customer a time limit of 30 days under the condition that goods are complete and in original packaging. In case that customer wishes to return used goods, supplier will offer an adequate financial amount. The prolonged time limit does not refer to goods after a claim.

Supplier's right for contract avoiding

Supplier has right for contract avoiding only until the goods were sent and in case of unavailability of goods, customer or marked change of goods price. Before the avoidance, supplier is obliged to contact a customer in order to agree further steps.

Procedure of contract avoidance

In case of contract avoidance, supplier and customer will pay each other back all accepted payments. In case of customer's avoidance of contract it is necessary to inform supplier in written to e-mail address or by registered letter.

It is recommended to state:

  • date of order and conditions stated (or to attach the order)
  • submit original or copy of invoice
  • number of delivery in case of mail order

In case that customer has received goods and will send it back to supplier, the goods must be complete, undamaged, in original packaging and along with all provided documents.

In case that the goods are not in the required state, supplier will pay the adequate financial amount.

The payment will be made within 30 days after delivery the goods back to supplier on the customer's account or in cash against signature of credit note.

Personal Data Security of Customer

Supplier registers with an approval of customer personal data, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail contact. These data facilitate further orders. Personal data of a customer are not submitted to any third party. The registered data maybe changed any time the customer wishes.

Final provisions

These terms of trade are valid for all contracts concluded between supplier and a customer. Supplier reserves the right to change them. The changed terms of trade will be published on supplier's web pages.