Jerky ORIGINAL 15g - dried tuna meat

Jerky ORIGINAL 15g - dried tuna meat

Dried meat – var. A Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) / var. B Bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus). A heat-processed meat product with a long shelf-life. Composition: dried fish meat, salt, beech wood smoke. High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Produced from 100% pure fish meat. 15 g of tuna jerky is produced from 45 g of tuna meat. Store at temperatures +5 to +30°C. Consume within 48 hours after opening. A white coating on the product, if any, does not impact product quality. The oxygen absorber inside the package is not intended for consumption. Catch area: var. A FAO No 71, Western Central Pacific. Fishing method: hooks and lines / var. B FAO No 77, Eastern Central Pacific. Fishing method: purse seine. Made in the Czech Republic.

Meat: Tuna
Flavour: Original
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Slices of dried tuna meat. 20 packages in one box.

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Indiana Jerky - nutritional values Tuna
Product 15g 100g
Energy value in  kJ 215 1434
Energy value in kcal 51 339
Fat content in g 0,74 4,9
of which saturated in g 0,18 1,2
Carbohydrates in g 0,06 0,4
of which sugars in g 0,03 0,2
Proteins in g 11 73
Salt in g – max. - natural product 0,71 4,7
Omega 3 in g 0,35 2,3

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